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KV 17 (Sety I)

Tomb KV17, located in Egypt's Valley of the Kings and also known by the names "Belzoni's tomb", "the Tomb of Apis", and "the Tomb of Psammis, son of Nechois", is the tomb of Pharaoh Seti I of the Nineteenth Dynasty. It is one of the best decorated tombs in the valley, but now is almost always closed to the public due to damage. It was first discovered by Giovanni Battista Belzoni on 16 October 1817. When he first entered the tomb he found the wall paintings in excellent condition with the paint on the walls still looking fresh and some of the artists paints and brushes still on the floor.
The longest tomb in the valley, at 136 metres, it contains very well preserved reliefs in all of its eleven chambers and side rooms. One of the back chambers is decorated with the Ritual of the Opening of the Mouth, which stated that the mummy's eating and drinking organs were properly functioning. Believing in the need for these functions in the …

El-Kab The tomb of ahmos, Biografía del Almirante Ahmose, El Hijo de Abana Biography of Admiral Ahmose, The Son of Abana

del Almirante Ahmose, El Hijo de Abana Biography of Biografía Admiral Ahmose, The Son of Abana

Vista general de la necrópolis de el-Kab En la primera parte de la narración, el Almirante (quien está sobre la marinería) Ahmose hace un resumen de sus condecoraciones y ensalza el valor perdurable de la fama. In the first part of the story, the Admiral (who is on the seamanship) Ahmose does a summary of his decorations and extolls the lasting value of the reputation Hr(y) Xnyt iaH-ms sA ibAnA mAa-xrw El Almirante Ahmose, el hijo de Abana, justificado, Admiral Ahmose, the son of Abana, justified, Dd.f Dd.i rmT nbt dice: ‘Os hablo a vosotros, a toda la gente. he says: ' I speak to you, to all the people. d.i Hswt xpr(w)t n.f Voy a hacer que conozcáis las cosas favorables que me ocurrieron: I am going to do that you know the favorable things that happened to me: iwa.kwi m nbw sp 7 xft-Hr-n tA r-Dr.f Hmw Hmwt r-mitt iry Fui recompensado con oro en 7 ocasiones delante de la tierr…