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The Graffiti in the ancient Egyptian temples.

The desire of keeping the self memory revived was not limited to kings and queens of ancient Egypt but was found with the very ordinary people of that time. The hidden reason behind having a lot of graffiti in ancient Egyptian temples or elsewhere was due to believing that the “ Ren” which is the title in the Egyptian Hieroglyphics, once it is kept it can lead the soul of the dead to find and recognize the deceased. Therefore leaving someone’s name can secure his rebirth and according to the ancient Egyptian religion and book of the dead, the creation of Man by god Ra required preparing five elements to make a human created. The first was the “ Ghed” which is the body, the second was the “ Ba” which is the soul, the third was the “ Ren” which is the name , the fourth was the double “ Ka” and the fifth was the “Akh” which is the shadow. The only hope for poor people to secure their rebirth was to carve their names on templ…