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Sakkara Serapeum inauguration, The full report and exclusive pictures

A large crowd was at Sakkara necropolis on Thursday 20th of September for the international press conference which was called for by Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister State of Antiquities to witness the inauguration of the Serapeum and the re-opening of two old kingdom tombs after restoration (Petahotep and Mereruka).

Dr. Ibrahim gave a rather detailed speech on the history of the Serapeum in Arabic explaining what the Serapeum is, to begin with, followed by a rather short message in English (you can watch the full English speech in the video below)
It is catacombs of the sacred Apis-bulls (1500-30BC), from the 18th Dynasty until the Greco-Roman period. In August 1850, Auguste Mariette was sent on a scientific mission to Egypt to document and list Coptic manuscripts in Alexandria and at some stage he had to come to Cairo to get permission from the Patriarch of the Coptic Church. After seeing few statues of Sphinxes in different aristocrats houses and asked about where it came from, …