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Wadi el Gharbi and Tomb of Herihor

Wadi el Gharbi; a large valley to the south of Wadi el Sikkat and the unfinished tomb of Hatshepsut. In addition to a number of well trodden ancient pathways, connecting this part with surrounding valleys in the Theban Mountains, Wadi el Gharbi contains several textual and pictorial graffiti, ancient excavations with debris heaps, pottery shards, smaller structures of stacked stone, and areas of limestone and flint chippings; all of which indicate some form of ancient activity (tombs, stations, smaller settlement, etc.). Red bricks combined with pottery fragments suggest a continuation of activity also into the Graeco-Roman and early Coptic periods. In spite of local tomb robbers’ insistent attempts, however, no tomb has been found to this day. This fact combined with the valley’s remoteness and rather difficult terrain still leave archaeologists without any firm evidence of why the ancients came here.