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Tomb of Ankhtifi on a Tour to ElMoalla from Luxor

Some friends had requested to take them on a tour to ELMoalla ,I'v read about it before but the truth is I never visited before,so I started some searches and refreshment readings about the site,frankly there is not much about ,as there is not nuch left on the site ,here is some of what I'v got:
Gebelein is an archaeological site located about 32 kilometers south of Luxor (ancient Thebes) on the western bank of the Nile (The archaeological site is actually known as Naga el-Gherira). There are two hills at the site that give it its Arabic name of Gebelein, as well as its ancient Egyptian name of Inr-ti, meaning "two rocks". In Greek times, it was known as Aphroditopolis, and also Pathyris, from Old Egyptian Per-Hathor ("Domain of Hathor). The site is really not of much interest to casual tourists as there is little in the form of visual remains, though the hills provide a good view of the Nile Valley. It may be of some interest, however, more because of the arti…