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The relationship between engineering and medicine in ancient Egypt

Engineering  and construction .... Are the same laws of healingEgyptian civilization knew many of the characters, which carried the title of engineer / doctor ...... Of the best knownSensory - Re: Engineer and famous doctor in the era of King Zoser (Third Dynasty)Amehtb: Engineer also famous doctor in the era of King Zoser (Third Dynasty)Amenhotep, son Habo: Engineer famous doctor in the era of King Amenhotep III (Eighteenth Dynasty)What is the relationship between engineering and medicine?The geometry in ancient Egypt mainly on the study of astronomy and cosmogony building codes to see the universe and simulated on the ground.Look to the ancient Egyptian sky and found the perfect creative and fascinate hearts .... He wanted to make a picture of heaven on earth to reach an ideal similar to the in the sky.The ancient Egyptians discovered the laws of cosmic harmony, and of which the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, Fastkhaddmoha in building the pyramids and temples, to ach…