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Khan ElKhallili Souqe

The souk dates back to 1382, when Emir Djaharks el-Khalili built a large caravanserai's (خان khan in Arabic) in Cairo under the Burji Mamluk Sultan Barquq; the eponymous khan is still extant. By the time of Barquq, the first Circassian Mamluk Sultan (1382–1399) much reconstruction needed to be done within the walls of the city in order to repair the damage incurred as a result of the Black Death. When Barquq started his madrassa in Bayn el-Qasrayn, markets were rebuilt, and Khan el-Khalili was established. It was also known Turkish bazaar during the Ottoman Empire.

Bustling doesn't begin to describe this souk, located in a dense network of twisting alleys. Every corner is jam-packed with stores and stalls that sell everything from Nefertiti busts to spices. This souk has been a center for craftsmen and trade since it was built in 1382 by Amir Jarkas al Khalili. The former Fatimid cemetery site was a place where caravans of traveling merchants could rest and engage in tra…