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Tomb of Ramesses III, Valley of the Kings

the Tomb of Ramesses III, called by Bruce the Harper's Tomb, which is exceeded in size only by Nos. 17 and 14. As far as the third chamber the tomb was constructed by Ramesses's father Sethnakhte, whose names are still to be seen in various places where the later stucco has fallen off. Peculiar to this tomb are the side chambers opening off the two corridors. The sunk reliefs are not particularly well executed, but they are notable for their variety and the excellent preservation of the colors.
On each side of the entrance, which is approached by a flight of steps with a ramp in the middle, are two pilasters adorned with cows heads. On the door lintel are the usual representations of Isis and Nephthys worshiping the solar disc, within which are the sun god and a scarab.
Tomb of Ramesses III - First Corridor First corridor, to the right and left of the entrance: the goddess Maat kneeling, sheltering with her wings t…


There is much controversy about the glyphs at Abydos.

What isn't widely known, is that it was common for Pharaoh's to change hieroglyphs to immortalize themselves on pre-existing temples and monuments.

It is very possible that the alleged flying machines of Abydos were actually adjustments made by a later ruler.

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This is an image from Lost Technologies in Ancient Egypt. It is the Ramses from the Ramesseum, now in the British Museum. Along with other samples, this image demonstrates the extraordinary precision and symmetry crafted in ancient Egyptian statues.