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The third terrace of the temple of Hatshepsut

The temple of Mentuhotep

The temple of Mentuhotep II (or I) Neb-Hepet-Re was the first one built
Mentuhotep in Deir el Bahari. It was called "Akh-set(w)-Nebhepetre: i.e. "Splendid (or Useful) are the places of Nebhepetre". Because of its ruinous state, with very few reliefs, it is seldom photographed.
Neb-Hepet-Re This temple is a transition between the Old Kingdom temple of the pyramid, and the New Kingdom House of Millions of Years. For the first time, the tomb of the king is united with its mortuary temple. The New Kingdom will later separate the tomb (in the Valley of the Kings) from the House of Millions of Years. It was the (very lucky) Howard Carter who discovered the burial shaft when his horse stumbled into its rubble-filled entrance in 1900.
The temple was discovered in the 1860’s and was excavated by Edouard Naville between 1903 and 1907, and then by Herb…