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The king speaks (D):
"I grasped the arm-shaped censer, I lift it with my arm offering incense to the Eye-of-Re (Hathor). ... You are joyful when myrrh of the best kind makes your smell pleasant and your body perfect so that you will be glad and unite with the Dappled-of-plumage."
 The divine column describes the goddess’s action caused by the ritual (E):
„The Powerful one on the throne (Edfu), ... she who comes down to earth, when smelling incense, Hathor, the Great one, the Mistress-of-Dendera.“

To let the sistrum shine forth

The king speaks (A):
"Thy sistrum for thee, thou Mighty one with the great flame, Shining one, the (sistrum, which) will quench your ire."
The king’s verbalized wish to pacify the enraged goddess (Hathor) is described further in the royal column (B):
 "... Ptol. IX. ..., he grasps the naos sistrum, seizes the arch sistrum and dispells the anger of the Eye-of-Re (Hathor). He is like the musician of the Golden one, ..., who plays the sistrum for his mother to her heart’s desire."
During the service the priest used a sistrum (rattle).
 The divine column describes the success of the ritual (C):
"Behedetit (the goddess of Edfu) has appeared in Behedet (Edfu) ..., she restrains her wrath, becomes full of joy again and expells her majesty’s raging. She is the Mistress-of-joy as soon as she beholds the sistrum, the Splendid one who loves music."