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New discovery in Alexandrea Egypt

The remains of the Temple of Queen Bernice: --------------------------------Was discovered on Tuesday, 19/1/2010 AD, Queen Bernice is the second wife of King Ptolemy III (246-222 BC). Was the discovery of the temple area of ​​Kom El-Alexandria and a large cache of statues, bringing together nearly six hundred statue from the Ptolemaic period in different sizes and typesDiscovered the remains of the temple with a length of sixty meters width of fifteen meters, and extends down the remains of the Temple Street Ismail Fahmy, and the temple Kmahgr use of lime, which led to the loss of parts of the stones.As such, it has been found on a large number of statues representing gods goddess Bastet fun and pleasure, which was a cat, and that the temple was built for it in the Ptolemaic period in the current region Kom bench, which is located within the territory of the Security Directorate of Alexandria today.Artifacts found in three places, each one a subject of cache for a large…