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Deir el-Shelwit Temple

Isis Temple (Ptolemaic) – Deir El Shelwit - West Bank

An ancient Egyptian temple dedicated to Isis from the Greek-Roman period 1st and 2nd centuries CE. It stands on the West bank of the Nile at Luxor, 1 km from Malqata and about 4 km south of Medinet Habu. 
The Isis Temple is now open to the public and tickets are obtainable from the main ticket office at the roundabout at Qurna Mura’i, West bank.
The importance of the Isis temple of Deir el-Shelwit is because Graeco-Roman era religious buildings are rare in this area, and this is the only one not associated with the Theban Triad but with Isis.
It is a delightful small temple that in my opinion is very well worth a visit. There are at this site Toilet facilities and Parking. It is an out the way place, so I recommend that you take your own refreshments, as there are none on site.

Many emperors made additions to the temple over a 100-year period.
Today all that remains of the temple is its small main building and ruins of the…