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the valley of the queens

The Valley Of The Queens

The Valley of the Queens, in Arabic Wadi al-Malakat, in ancient times was called Ta Set Neferu, a phrase that can mean The Place of Beauty and also The Place of Royal Children and Wives. It was used in the New Kingdom as a burial place for several royal wives, princesses, and princes. It is a lovely place, this small, Ushaped wadi, curving south and west. Rugged limestone cliffs jut upward, their strata turning and twisting in dramatic contrast to the horizontal beds of other Theban hills.

There is a small cave at the base of these cliffs and when it rained, water would pour into it and then flow through the valley. (The watercourse follows the left side of the modern road and footpath.) Some Egyptologists believe it was this feature that caused the valley to be selected for royal burials: the cave represented the womb of Hathor, the celestial cow, and water meant fertility. Burial here would by a physical symbol of rebirth in the afterlife.The valley’s floor …

islamic egypt

the advent of Islam early in the seventh century A.D. ushered in a new era and Al-Fustat, the first Islamic capital of Egypt marked a definite turning point. The Islamic intellectual revival, particularly in the natural sciences and philosphy, was accompanied by new styles in architecture which still developed under the various dynasties that ruled Islamic Egypt- the Omayyads, the Tpulounids, the Fatimids, the Ayyoubids, the Mamelukes, and finally the Ottomans.

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Mosque of Amr Ibn al-Aas: Founded by Amr Inb al-Aas in 642(21H), north of the site of thre Roman Fortress of Babylon, it is considered to be the earliest mosque in Egypt. Simple in design, its present plan consists of an open sahn ( court ) surrounded by four riwags, the largest being the Qiblah riwag with marble pillars.

Al-Aqmar Mosque: Built in 519 H. (1125 AD) by the Al-AMer Bi-Ankham Allah, this mosque is in Al-Muezz Li-Din Allah Street. It is one of the rar…