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New Kingdom tomb discovered in Luxor

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of Antiquities announced today a new discovery in Luxor. The discovery is a tomb of an high official called "Maai" from the 18th Dynasty, it was discovered by the Spanish-Italian mission working in Sheikh Abd Qurna on the West Bank. The team found a funerary cone made of pottery shows the titles of the deceased including, The Secret Keeper of the God, the Supervisor of the cattle, Overseer of the fields, Overseer of the King's horses, the Mayor,  Distinguished of Osiris and the Prince.  The tomb was discovered during the mission's work in tomb TT109 where they made a hole in one of the walls which led to get to the newly discovered tomb. The team is still working on removing the debris from the tomb. The inscriptions and scenes found so far are important in terms of showing the details of the daily life of the deceased beside his relation with his family. It also shows the luxury were available to high officials at that time.  …

Tomb of chief beer-maker discovered in Egypt's Luxor

A Japanese mission from Waseda University uncovered the tomb of Khonso-Im-Heb, who was the head of beer production for goddess Mut and the head of the galleries during the Ramesside era. The discovery occurring during routine cleaning work carried out at the frontcourt of tomb number TT47, which belongs to a top official in the reign of the New Kingdom king Amenhotep III. The tomb of Khonso-Im-Heb is T-shaped with two halls and a burial chamber. It is also connected to an unfinished tomb of an as-yet unidentified person called Houn. Jiro Kondo, head of the Japanese mission, said that the tomb is well preserved and is fully painted with scenes depicting the tomb’s owner with his family members and in front of different ancient Egyptian deities. Scenes of the “Open Mouth” ritual also figures on one of the tomb’s wall while the ceiling is decorated with geometrical paintings with vivid colours. A solar boat is depicted at its core. Minister of State of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim t…