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expedition to punt -hatshepsut temple

The drawing above shows the arrangement of the scenes in the Hall of Punt.  Since the winter season 2001/2002 the entrance to both wings of the portico is blocked by new railings on the outer row of pillars. These railings were especially installed to protect the relief on the pillars, however, they make the inspection of the relief more difficult.   the sequence of the scenes is given below with the help of the numbers:
1 - the fleet arrives in Punt
2 - the expedition is welcomed in Punt
3 - exchange of gifts, above No. 3 men carry trees including the root-stocks
4 - ships are loaded with the "tribute" of Punt
5 - return of the expedition
6 - gifts for the Lord of Punt
7 - Hatshepsut presents gifts from Punt to Amun
     7a - Hatshepsut
     7b - three large trees
8 - Weighing and  Counting
     8a - piled myrrh
between registers 8 und 9 there is only text
9 - the success of the expedition to Punt is announced to (in front of) Amun 
9a - Thut…