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While you can spend a lifetime or two exploring Luxor and the West Bank, the repeat visitor should not ignore smaller sites within an hour or two drive. To the South, for example, between Luxor and Esna, are Tod, Gebelein, Moalla, Esna, and el-Kab.
An ancient Egyptian would not have remembered a time when Nekheb, as el-Kab was originally named, was unoccupied or unimportant. Egyptologists have found traces of people living here at least as early as 6000 BCE.
El-Kab's eponymously named Vulture Rock is a reminder that the area was associated with the vulture goddess Nekhbet. Nekhbet was the main goddess of el-Kab and eventually became the goddess of Upper Egypt. She and Uatchet form the "Two Ladies" whose Nebyt name was one of the five principal names of Egyptian pharaohs.
In addition to Vulture Rock, a short list of accessible monuments to see at el-Kab will include the enclosure wall surroundinEL-KABg temple …