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Party like an Ancient Egyptian

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Most of the Egyptian elites party through festivals. When they throw a party bash, everyone invited can eat meat and drink beer at their hearts content! They can also savor pastries flavored with honey and ancient fruit cakes. Yummy!

The nobles also hire dancers and musicians to make the party much more fun! Egyptian dancing shows more skin than most of us think. Wanna know why? Egyptian dancers do the erotic dances while naked! Talk about the bars on present day!
Musicians also play various instruments such as flutes, lutes and harps. You don't have to look far to imagine how they looked like. Much like music bands today, they consist of males and females minus the singer. Obviously, musicians seemed dull, unlike the exciting female dancers!

Servants act like customer service professionals in a party. They keep the guests well fed and taken care of much like their bosses. As a warm treatment to the guests, they place perfume cones in the…