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the tomb of kagemni

Hereditary NobleCountChief Justice (literally: "He of the curtain" and of high status)VizierChief Lector PriestGracious of Arm (The meaning of this title is not clear)Sole CompanionMortuary-priest of Anubis     ** is unusual in this title **Stolist-priest of MinScribe of the God's BookDirector of every Divine OfficeMaster of the Secrets of the Sacred Language(Sole) Confidant of the King out of his (the king's) Two BanksTreasurer of the King of Lower EgyptSem-priestDirector of every Kilt (possibly meaning "Director of all Officials")Overseer of the two Treasuries
var.Overseer of the two GranariesOverseer of the Six Great MansionsMouth of every ButiteOverseer of the Two Wabet-chambersOverseer of the Two Houses of GoldHe who is in the Chamber (i.e councillor) of NekhenHerdsman (i.e. ruler) of NekhenChief of Nekheb (El-Kab)Overseer of the Scribes of the Royal DocumentsMaster of the Secrets of that which (only) the One seesHe who has Might with the GodsDomain-a…