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Edfu temple and the Sacred Drama of horus

The sacred drama is to be performed during the ritual celebrations in honor of the Triumph of Horus over Seth It consists of a prologue, three Acts (three parts), and an epilogue: The Prologue of the Sacred Drama: Description of the scene
-Isis wears the Sun-disk Crown with cow’s horns and the hieroglyph of Her name is above it; in Her left hand She holds the Ankh (the symbol of Life).
-Horus wears the “Pschent”, the Double Crown; the God holds an harpoon and a rope in His right hand, and the Ankh in His left.
-Thoth wears an Atef Crown with ram’s horns; the God recites from a papyrus.
-On the barque :
Horus wears the “Pschent” Crown, and with the rope in His left hand and the harpoon in His right hand He spears the hippo/Seth.
Isis wears the Sun-disk Crown with cow’s horns, and in Her left hand She holds the Ankh.
Behind Isis there is a representation of Horus-Khenty-Khety (Horus of Kem-Ur/Athribis, the capital of the X nome of Lower Egypt, the Athribite nome)
-the King wears the Hemhe…

philae and the tomb of osiris

the island of Bigeh (Biggeh, Biga), located just to the south of new Philae and a little to the west of the original island. By the start of the Graeco-Roman Period, this site had come to be viewed as both the tomb of Osiris and the source of the Nile, which was believed to issue from a cavern deep beneath the island. A special sanctuary was built there in ancient times, but the area was prohibited to people and thus became known in Greek as the Abaton, or "forbidden place". According to legend, the left leg of Osiris was buried here after his body had been cut up by his brother Seth. The burial place on Bigeh was said to be surrounded by 365 altars on which the priests laid daily offerings of milk. Although originally of greater religious importance than nearby Philae, Bigeh thus remained outside the normal development cycle of temple building and growth, so it was Philae that was developed instead. The remains of the small temple at Bigeh are on the eastern…