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Camel Market of Birqash - day tour from Cairo

Camel Market of Birqash , visit one of Egypt’s most extraordinary places , Camels are annually herded up the Darb al-Arba’in, the famous 40 Day Road. This ancient caravan route starts in Sudan and ends in Birqash. The camels are herded through Sudan, Eritrea, and Somalia to southern Egypt. From there, most camels are shipped to Birqash Camel Market via several oases in the back of large trucks. They travel over 700 miles and spend, in total around three months on the road. By the time they get to Birqash, many camels are emaciated due to the poor travelling conditions and from extended periods of time spent packed in the back of trucks. The traders here are skilled negotiators and watching this animated process take place is one of the highlights of visiting the market. When to go?The market lasts from dawn until mid afternoon every Friday but is busiest between the other 6am and 8.30am. After lunch it is comparatively subdued. The market is heavily male dominated and women will feel …

The Temple of Abydos

First row: "Life given by the Horus Strong Bull.

Taken from "Ka nakht kha em Waset sankh tawy" - His Horus name, which means "The Strong bull who appeared in Thebes and sustains the Two Lands".

Second Row: Life for he of the sedge and the bee (Nswt-bity), the Son of Ra.

Head of Queen Ankhnespepy II statue discovered in Giza's Saqqara

The wooden piece, probably depicting sixth-dynasty queen Ankhnespepy II, has been unearthed near her pyramid . the head is of almost-human proportions, and is around 30cm high. The ears are decorated with wooden earrings. It was found in a disturbed layer to the east of the queen's pyramid near the area where the pyramidion was uncovered early this week.
Over the last two weeks , the mission has uncovered the upper part of a granite obelisk that may belong to the queen's funerary temple, as well as the pyramidion of what may be an undiscovered satellite pyramid.
 the head is not in good condition and will be subjected to restoration and documentation. "It is a promising area that could reveal more of its secrets soon," Waziri told Ahram Online, adding that the mission is to continue its excavations in an attempt to discover the satellite pyramid and the rest of her funerary complex and collection.
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The Egyptian-Czech Archaeological Mission uncovered remains of King Ramses II Temple

The Egyptian-Czech Archaeological Mission uncovered remains of King Ramses II Temple during the excavation works carried out at Abusir South of Cairo !

 the discovery comes after the mission had found in 2012 archaeological evidences that shows the existence of a temple in this area, a fact that encourages the mission to resume its excavations in this area and the neighborhood along the last four years.

the  temple is 32 x 51 meters wide and consists of mud brick foundations of one of its pylons, a large forecourt that leads to the pillars hall which parts of its halls are painted in blue.

At the rear end of the court, the mission found a staircase or a ramp leading to a sanctuary whose back part is divided into three parallel chambers. The remains of this building were covered with by huge deposits of sand and chips of stones of which may bore fragments of polychrome reliefs.

the different titles of King Ramses II were found engraved on a relief fragments which is connected to the cult …

Egypt Announces Vatican-Approved Pilgrim Trail of the Holy Family’s Journey from Sinai to Asyut

In a two-day visit to the Vatican, which kicked off on Tuesday, Egypt's Tourism Minister Yahya Rashid announced that Pope Francis has approved Egypt's proposed path for The Flight into Egypt, which will allow tourists to, quite literally, follow in the footsteps of the holy family's journey from Sinai to Asyut in Upper Egypt, as they fled the Roman Republic's murderous King Herod The Great. The voyage has been glorified by devout believers and depicted in artistic masterpieces over the past millennia.
The announcement comes as a much awaited development, as following in the steps of the holy family's journey in Egypt has long been a dream of Christian pilgrims and history enthusiasts everywhere.
However, due to the ongoing Islamist insurgency, the Flight into Egypt's starting point in Northern Sinai will be postponed to the program's final phase. The focus is now on the project's first phase, which is the holy family's journey from Ca…