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Karnak botanischer Garten

Tempel Thutmosis III.: "Botanischer Garten"

Karnak achmenu hieroglyphen

Tempel Thutmosis III.: Hieroglyphen an einem Architrav

Skarabäus in karnak

Vielfach berührter Skarabäus zwischen Hatschepsuts herausgehackten Namen


Hatschepsut-Kapelle: Karnak Tempel

Hatschepsut-Kapelle: Detail des Thot-Reliefs an der linken Wand - über ihm eine ausgehackte Kartusche mit Hatschepsuts Thronnamen Maat-ka-Re


Tomb of Kheruef at Elassasif Luxor-Egypt

The Tomb of Kheruef is one of the most important, both religiously and historically, in the Theban necropolis.

It has helped us understand the history of rituals celebrating kingship. The owner was most likely an significant individual who organized the first and third jubilees for Amenhotep III, though he probably died in during the reign of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten). He was a Royal Scribe and First Herald to the King, he was later appointed Steward to Queen Tiy.

The tomb was first explored by the German Egyptologist Adolph Erman in 1885. This investigation was later published by Heinrich Brugsch in his Thesaurus Inscriptionum Aegyptiacarum in 1891. In the 1940s, Alan Gardiner also worked the tomb and then after it was robbed in the 1940s, the Egyptian Department of Antiquities in association with the Epigraphic Survey of the University of Chicago cleared, recorded and finally published their results in 1980.

The most important scenes within the tomb are those on the west wall of the cou…