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Australia’s Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Located in the National Park forest of the Hunter Valley, 100 km north of Sydney, these ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs have been a part of the local folk lore for years. The hieroglyphs were first discovered in the early 1900′s and contains over 250 glyphs.
You would think that the Australian government would protect this site for its historic value, but that is not the case. Because this site is NON-ABORIGINAL, the Australian government has no desire to protect this site.
Egyptologist Ray Johnson, who has translated extremely ancient texts for the Museum of Antiquities in Cairo, eventually was successful in documenting and translating the two facing walls of Egyptian characters. Which he believes is from the Third Dynasty.
Here is his translation below from the book “THE OZ – EGYPTIAN ENIGMA” – By Paul White
The rock walls chronicle a tragic saga of ancient explorers shipwrecked in a strange and hostile land, and the untimely death of their royal leader, “Lord Djes-e…