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Two Must Attend Events in Egypt this October

Celebrating 110 years on the Discovery of Nefertari’s Tomb in Luxor*
In commemoration of the Discovery of Queen Nefertari’s Tomb the civil aviation ministry and the tourism authority in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Egypt are organizing a 10 days celebration from October 15th till October 25th at the Valley of Queens in Luxor.
Nefertari’s tomb is the largest and most impressive at the Valley of Queens. Queen Nefertari was one of Ramses II’s wives, and one of the best known queens next to Cleopatra, Nefertiti & Hatshepsut. Ramses II has also built a temple next to his in Abu Simbel for his beloved wife.
Other than the 10 days celebration, two photo exhibitions will be hosted at the Luxor Exhibition Center & at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
In fact this is one of the best times to visit Luxor, as it’s not steaming hot anymore, and it’s known as the world’s biggest open air museum, so get ready for a trip back in time.
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The longest ruling female in the ancient world "Queen Hatshepsut"

Before she was erased from history, Hatshepsut had been both queen and king of Egypt.  Hat-who? Was what? We’ve heard of pharaohs and Cleopatra but who was Hatshepsut, how could she be both king and queen of Egypt?

She was king in Egypt’s 18th dynasty, nearly 3,500 years ago. Daughter of King Thutmose I, she married her half-brother (a common practice in Egyptian royal lineage) but as King Thutmose II’s queen, had no power of her own. When he died early in his reign, the crown prince Thutmose III, a mere toddler (not her son) was designated successor.
Hapshetsut was the daughter of a highly successful king; raised in the royal house she may have learned how to play Egypt’s political game expertly. As the highest priestess of the highest god, she may have understood how to pull the religious levers of Egyptian society. When the child king was to be crowned, Hapshetsut was perfectly positioned to be his “co-regent,” ruling both on his behalf and on her own, a delicate balanc…