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Howard Carter's House and Museum in Luxor-Egypt

A Tour to Carter's Museum at the feet of the valley of the kings :

Carter was born in 1873 in England, and developed an interest in Egypt at an early age. He traveled there in 1891 for an apprenticeship that had him "recording the decorated walls of tombs in Middle Egypt,worked as an artist and photographer at various sites in Egypt. But in 1900, he was named chief inspector of antiquities in Upper Egypt, which included excavation and conservation tasks.It was not until 1922 that Carter discovered the intact royal tomb of King Tut, who was interred around 1333 B.C. surrounded by priceless valuables revealed a Golden Age of arts and crafts equal to any other period of ancient times.
A biography by Kegan Paul "depicts a somewhat lonely and despondent Carter in the aftermath of this success,
At one point Carter is pictured, after work in the tomb had finished, pathetically seeking recognition in the lobby of Luxor's Winter Palace Hotel, 'waiting like th…