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Temple construction and Foundation rituals stages

Temple construction

The foundation rituals for temples actually consisted of eight separate rituals (or eleven during the Ptolemaic Period) of which the burying of foundation deposits was only one. The rituals were supposed to be conducted by the Pharaoh, but in reality they were generally conducted on his behalf in most cases with the pharaoh taking on this role on a few of the more important structures.

Foundation rituals stages

1.Pharaoh leaves his palace with his royal standard bearers and travels to the site of the temple (Ptolemaic Period)

2.Pharaoh arrives at the construction site and is greeted by the priest representing the god to whom the temple will be dedicated (Ptolemaic Period)

3."Stretching the Cord" - ("pedj shes")

4.Hoeing the earth and digging the first foundation trench ("ba ta")

5.Moulding the first bricks

6.Pouring the sand

7.Burying foundation deposits

8.Beginning construction

9.Purifying the completed building