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What to visit in The valley of the kings ?

Opened Tombs in The Valley of the kings 2013

Site: KV 1, tomb of Ramses VII (20th Dynasty, 1136-1128 BC)
Location: TMP grid: N 99,803.743, E 94,006.25
Description: KV 1 is a small tomb of typical late Ramesside plan, but with only one corridor, burial chamber, and a possibly unfinished room beyond. A pit on the floor of the burial chamber was covered with a large, hollowed block of stone to form the sarcophagus. History of Activity in the Tomb: The tomb has apparently been open since at least Greek and Roman times.

Site: KV 2, tomb of Ramses IV (20th Dynasty)

Location: TMP Grid Coordinates: N99724.282, E94072.587

Description: KV 2, the tomb of Ramses IV, lies near the entrance to the Valley of the Kings. The tomb consists of gently sloping corridors, followed by an antechamber, a burial chamber, and auxiliary rooms beyond the burial chamber. The original plan of the tomb was altered after the death of the King, and the room which would have been…