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The Tomb of Nakht

The agricultural scenes these scenes may also have the aim of presenting the succession of the seasons and thus providing a calendar for eternity. The upper area is divided into three registers, the top two of which have a canopy at the right-hand end, under which sits another image of Nakht. He also appears similarly at the right-hand end of the bottom register, again under his canopy. None of the actual scenes of agriculture contain descriptive texts, although thirteen columns for such were created in the next to top register; these were however left totally blank The activities begin in the bottom register with the preparation of the land and continue in the three shorter upper ones.

Nakht The upper image of Nakht has him seated on a stool, holding a long staff in his right hand and a folded piece of cloth in his other, which he rests on his lap .He is dressed differently to that of his standing image before the offerings, this time he has a semi-transparent garment over his…