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Habu temple the most preserved & the less visited west bank tour part (2) to Habu temple-Deir elmadia tombs-Nobles

habu temple built by Ramesses III. Its massive outer pylons are the most imposing of any temple in Egypt, and are decorated with colossal images of the king destroying captured enemies before the gods. The temple's outer walls also depict important battle and victory scenes over the Libyans and Sea Peoples.

The Temple of Medinat Habu is one of the largest memorial Temples in Egypt. Deir el-Medina, which in Arabic means "monastery of the city", was called Pa-demi by the workmen, simply, "the town, " is one of the most well-preserved ancient settlements in all Egypt. It lies near Thebes and was a highly skilled community of craftsmen who passed their expertise on from father to son, here where was their town &tombs still intact.
rock cut tombs of Nobles, and high officials of ancient Egypt, who once served the Pharaohs during the time of the New Kingdom, are highly recognized for their daily life activity , & rich biography scenes take you back in time &a…