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the biggest statues which are exhibited inside museum.

Colossal Statue of King Amonhotep III and queen Tye.

- This colossal group statue represents king Amenhotep III and his wife queen Tye seating on high back seat or throne. Near their legs are three standing daughters.
- They are made out of limestone and were found in Medinet Habu.
- At the time of discovering these colossal statues, they were smashed into pieces, then the pieces were reassembled and some parts are restored.
- These colossi are considered the biggest statues which are exhibited inside museum.
- The Concept of Making Colossal Statue :
• Colossal statues were made to express the high position of the king and to show respect to him.
• The colossal statue appeared in the Old Kingdom (King Userkaf from the 5th dynasty). Then king Amenhotep III renewed the idea of making colossal statues.
- Historical Background about King Amenhotep III :
(1) King Amenhotep III is considered among the important king in the 18th dynasty.
(2) He is the son of king Thutmose IV and queen …