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Why The Pyramids and Temples of Egypt were built

In stone ........... About the ancient Egyptians the sacred science: -Science concerned with the archaeological study of stone temples and pyramids ........... But does not answer the important question, and is why originally built ..... And what is the point of construction?Archaeologists are busy studying the stone, and when built and built from ........ But they are not interested in the philosophy of construction.The meditator Egyptian civilization discovers that behind every stone was built by the ancient Egyptians the idea ..... And science.Built the pyramids and temples to record and document what was the ancient Egyptians of Sciences, the scientists discovered recently that the ancient Egyptians used the golden ratio / cutting Golden (Golden Ratio) in the construction of temples, and the golden ratio is a law universal, which built the universe, and use in the construction of temples was to establish a connection (prayer) between the "man / younger universe" a…