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What to See and Do in Cairo

As the one remaining Ancient Wonder of the World, the GIZA PYRAMIDS are one of the world's most truly spectacular sights. They date from 2570BC and are still fascinating today, especially due to their mysterious construction. Going on a tour is a must.

The Townhouse Gallery shows the more contemporary side of Cairo, with photography, video, and film exhibitions mostly by local artists.

The Egyptian Museum has been showing all of the country's great treasures for over a century. It has the world's most extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities, and with so much to show, a large part of it remains in storage awaiting the construction of a larger space. But what you'll find on display is enough to awe you for hours, especially the fabulous jewelry, the mummy rooms, and King Tutankhamun's stunning collection. To get the most out of the visit, you can go on a private tour.
The Coptic Museum is house…