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Tomb of Princess Idut

Tomb of Princess Idut

Idut (also called Seshseshet) was a ‘King’s Daughter of his Body’, thought to be a daughter of Unas of Dynasty V. Originally belonging to a vizier called Ihy, the mastaba, which lies between those of Mehu and Unas-ankh on the northern side of the Unas causeway, was usurped for the use of the princess. It is the only tomb in this group of mastabas usually open to the public.

Princess Idut lived during the end of the Fifth Dynasty into the beginning of the Sixth Dynasty, and died around 2360 BC. She was interred in her ”mastaba,” or mortuary chapel, near at the tomb of King Unas, in th
e community of Saqqara. Her tomb is
famous for its realistic depictions of everyday life in ancient Egypt. I took the attached photo of the entrance to Idut’s tomb in December 1989.
How Princess Idut came to acquire such an elaborate mastaba is somewhat of a mystery. Its original owner, Ihy, who had been a vizier, or prime minister, of King Unas, had spent years preparin…