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A Tourist Tale about Egypt's Food

When I leftto Egypt inthe past year,I never thoughtI was coming backfond ofthis countrykitchen.Fresh fruits, vegetables and cerealsgroupofstunningandhuge marketsis a paradise forvegetarians. Will occupythe kitchenEgypteasilyranked fifthamong the topfive countries in theplantlist.
Took me cook pancakes and  food talented guide Nadia on a tour of food to the market "Moaz street" famous in Old Cairo, which I took many of the photos below and if you visit Egypt one day, do not waste your tours , food interesting and fun provided by Nadia and her friends.
Making good "pita" Bread

Hassan is a bakery to bake "Pita" in a street market next to Khan Khalili, "Azhar area" famous in Old Cairo, which is a small shop and a modest, hardly pay any attention to him. But I am very happy because I entered it, and thanks in return for Nadia, because the bread is very good, fresh and extremely flavorful.
Not only the quality of the bread, but the same good people…