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ELKAB THE TOMB OF PEHRi (like a book which the ancient Egyptians have to us to instruct us in a great part of the customs and work which composed at home the economy of civil life".
•  the tomb was built in the shape of a tunnel, very small in size,  about 8.30m. long, 3.80m.wide 3.50m.high at its middle.
The tomb includes a platform in front of the entry, where the funeral well was dug; one sculptured facade is now very ruined; an oblong chamber with an arched roof, entirely decorated by relief sculpturing and painting and finally a niche at the rear, containing three statues.(copy of luxor nobles tombs)(

• Later, a new entry had been dug in the east wall, through the sculpturing. Two crudely built chambers, with a funeral well had thus been added.
The floor of the main chamber had then been cut away, leaving irregular hewn masses in the corners.

Tomb plan • The facade of the tomb had been set into the hill, on both sides the two areas which carried vertical columns of hieroglyphs are today extensively destroyed. Then, as there was a high and wide space on the right: a representation of Paheri was added in the hollow rel…