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Nakht,  means "strong", held the positions/titles of "scribe" and "serving priest".his wife, Tawy, was a chantress of Amon, and  her son was called Amenemapet.
The title "scribe"  simply means that he had received the education of an official, the other tittle "wenuti" is so rarely used .  it must indicate a very secondary function. Within the texts of the walls (and the small statue) this word is written in five different ways ( , , , and ). In each case this was followed by the name "Amon", and which in each case has been removed. The title indicates a class of priest or temple official whose duties and rank are not very clear. Its use to identify an individual is very rare. It clearly refers to members of a roster whose period of service was fixed to certain hours of the night or day. It would appear that they were laymen, summoned to perform short duties of service in the temple and who thought of…

T52, the tomb of Nakht and his wife, Tawy

today about 210 decorated tomb complexes, more than half of which date to the 18th dynasty, with the remainder mainly dating from the 19th and early 20th dynasty. In antiquity there were probably about twice this number, half of which have been lost or destroyed. Approximately 50 tombs remain which were decorated during the reigns of Thutmosis IV and Amenhotep III. It is located fairly close to tomb TT38 (Djeserkareseneb) and tomb TT69 (Menna ). These two tombs share many of the same decorative features.

TT52 presents the common type of tomb complex of the 18th Dynasty, which consisted of an open courtyard, then the two internal chambers in the form of an inverted "T" structure, plus a subterrean complex.  symbolically the courtyard should be oriented to the east (sunrise, the Nile, day and life), whilst the interior chambers should be to the west (to the setting sun, darkness and kingdom of the dead). The plan sections show this symbolic orientation

Fantastic Opportunity to Visit Egypt this time

These are some reviews of Egypt's visitors 2012:
We have just returned to Canada after a fantastic month of travel in Egypt and Jordan. After our group tour was cancelled because of the uncertainty in Egypt, Yousef Ibraham of Egyptraveluxe tours in Giza, Egypt was able to arrange a comprehensive tour of the major sights in Egypt and Jordan on very short notice. Within two weeks we had agreed an itinerary and arrived in Cairo on February 24, 2011.
Because of the current low level of tourists we were able to upgrade our accommodations and were fortunate to have very well qualified guides and personal attention throughout our travels. The staff from Egypt Traveluxe and their staff  were constantly monitoring our status and conditions of travel arrangements to ensure our plans and schedule remained intact. On a couple of occasions we had to change from air flights to train travel because of flight cancellations due to the low volume. The first train trip was an experience,…