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Dendera A woman giving birth

A woman giving birth and being helped by Hathor and Taweret (Temple of Hathor, Dendera)
A typical birthing scene would have women reciting incantations to the Seven Hathors who presided over the birth, and who would predict the nature of the child´s death. A child born on the twenty-third of the month would be killed by a crocodile; on the fourth by fever; on the fifth by love. Lucky children were born on the ninth day of the second month of Akhet - they would die of old age. Even luckier were those born on the twenty-ninth day of the same month: they would die ´well-respected´. 
But if the baby were to live at all, and most didn´t survive infancy, it would need to be protected from want and disease; a protection which only material well-being, however modest, could supply

Nefertari The Seven Hathors

The Seven Hathors
In the tomb of Nefertari (Dynasty XIX) and in the Book of the Dead, the Goddess Hathor is depicted as seven cows whose role is to determine the destiny of a child at birth. Each of these different aspects of the Goddess as her own name:
i/   Lady of the universe.
ii/   Sky-storm.
iii/   You from the land of silence.
iv/   You from Khemmis.
v/    Red-hair.
vi/   Bright red.
vii/   Your name flourishes through skill.
Several alternative names for the seven Hathors has been found in papyri concerning Mythology, these are:
i   Lady of the House of Jubliation.
ii + iii   Mistress of the West.
iv + v   Mistress of the East.
vi + vii   Ladies of the sacred land.

Dendera The Eye Of Re

The Eye Of Re
"There came a time when the people began to drift away from the worship of the God. Re, in vengeance, sent his daughter, Hathor, in the form of a lion, to punish mankind. Sent out by Re, in the form of a large all seeing eye, to watch over mankind,
After a time, Re decided that mankind had suffered enough and ordered Hathor to return, she, being sated with blood lust refused. The Sun God ordered a vast quantity of beer to be made, coloured with red ochre, which was then poured into the field where Hathor-Sakhmet lay sleeping. On waking, Hathor seeing the fields reddened with what she thought was blood, began to gorge herself, falling into an intoxicated stupor, Re was able to return her.
To mark the occasion, so that mankind would not forget their narrow escape from annihilation, Re ordered a festival to be held each year in Hathor's honour."
Hathor, was probably the origin of the concept of the 'evil eye'. The Ankh, is thought to …

Dendera The birth of Osiris

The birth ofOsiris
Osiriswas bornin Thebesinhuman formandcame out ofhis mother's womb {Nut) goddess of skyon the first dayof the epagonamal days
Osiriswas the Masterof everythingthat cameto light
The birth ofOsiriswasin Thebesandwasin the temples ofKarnak.his birthday was celebrated every year in the temple of his Mother during the Opt festival
According to the myth Osiris was born in Thebes in the first day of the epagonmal days ,hr wr in the second day in Qus  ,Seth in the third day in ombos ,Isis in Dendera and finally Nephtis in in Dios polis
TheBirthof  Osirishas beenrepresentedin thescenesandinscriptionsof one of the rooms of the roof ofthe famousTempleof Dandara Osiris was represented in  thefetalpositioninsidehis mother's womb like an embryo in the womb of his mother as he preparedto go outinto the world ,,,
it is one of the most famous scenes that had to be represented in the festivals celebrating the reincarnation of god Osirisandeverlastingeternity, 

the inscriptions in …