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The Power of Healing through the Wisdom of Ancient Egypt!
Meditation in all it's parts means how to discover for the first time in your life the conserved power that exist inside every human being and how to develop it.

It's an unbelievable feeling and high degrees of sensations which enable you in your daily life getting a different vision than usual that majority of you is missing it nowadays. The degree of power is different from a person to the other.The Transcendental Meditation program of Egypt sparrow tours is the single most effective technique available for gaining deep relaxation, eliminating stress, promoting health, increasing creativity and intelligence, and attaining inner happiness and fulfillment.The transcendental meditation technique, practiced by 5 million people worldwide, is a simple, natural, effortless technique. The effectiveness of the Transcendental Meditation program has been validated by over 500 scient…
Tourism has been our family business for nearly one century as our grand father was one of CARTER'S Egyptian assistants partecipated in excavating a good number of Valley of the Kings tombs so we all grow up with legends about digging and tomb curse tales, which left its deep love for history, archaeology & egptian mythe plus feeling proud of all Egyptian monuments . Our parents founded officially this local agency in 1980 and now it is our turn to develop and to keep the family heritage alive .so we hope we can make them proud of us as we are of them. The owners are, Egyptian citizens and the tour operator are run as a smaller owner-managed company. Our first destination is Egypt .we in Egyptraveluxe are one large family so our target is to serve our clients as cousins and partners. We do believe honestly that quality should come first so we ensure high level of the quality of our services to reflect the positive image of Egyptraveluxe & our main objective focu…