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Tourism has been our family business for nearly one century as our grand father was one of CARTER'S Egyptian assistants partecipated in excavating a good number of Valley of the Kings tombs so we all grow up with legends about digging and tomb curse tales, which left its deep love for history, archaeology & egptian mythe plus feeling proud of all Egyptian monuments .

Our parents founded officially this local agency in 1980 and now it is our turn to develop and to keep the family heritage alive .so we hope we can make them proud of us as we are of them. The owners are, Egyptian citizens and the tour operator are run as a smaller owner-managed company. Our first destination is Egypt .we in Egyptraveluxe are one large family so our target is to serve our clients as cousins and partners. We do believe honestly that quality should come first so we ensure high level of the quality of our services to reflect the positive image of Egyptraveluxe & our main objective focused on quality as been different too. The new generation who is responsible for Egypt traveluxe has a collected experience in management positions within Egyptian tour operations. Holding lectures in Egyptology as the tours management, guided special journeys and been responsible for managing religious tours, meditation tours. Hotels, luxury tours.

Our target is to satisfy the needs of our guests through providing them the best service they are looking after .We do believe honestly that quality should come first and quantity would come later.

As an independent tour operator we have the freedom to select what we ourselves consider the best options. No financial ties with any hotel group or any service providers outside our company, give us the strength of being totally on the client and our partner's side.

Our expertise allows us to tailor make tours based upon interests , budget and need. As we provide pre made tours, each client and partner will have our sole attention so we end up with the best possible result for each request, be it individuals or groups. Egypttraveluxe management and staff are experts and professionals in travel business. They are high calibers, high qualified and distinguished by their multi- lingual fluency on many foreign languages.

We like to give spot light to all dear customers who would be interested to visit Egypt to be careful on planning their tour to which tour operator they would choose, We advise them to rely on the most experienced one. To rely on experience is definitely you rely on honesty, reliabelity, credibility and financial stability. So what about relying on the family as well.?

We are looking forward to add you to our list of long term relation , family members , partners and guests.Welcome to egypttraveluxe large family . We give thanks to all who have walked the path of Love and Light before us and to all those who walk with us. We give thanks to all who have come from beyond the veil to guide our way at this important and joyous time. Our wish is to be one small part in this exciting new age where we All are at peace and live in harmony with All of life as One.

To be different is a challenge to continue different is a struggle.

These are my grandfather best words.

Best regards from egyptravluxe family members.


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