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THE GREAT PYRAMID: Built to Represent the Human Body?

A water pump, a power plant, an Extraterrestrial landing strip, a beacon, a weapon, an observatory, a tomb - these are some of the labels assigned to the Great Pyramid of Egypt. But there is one idea that has not been presented or explored, and it is possibly the simplest of all: that it was designed and built to represent us.
Alright. Down to business.

The Human Body: Our Spiritual Anatomy.
According to esoteric tradition, fully realized human beings in heightened states of awareness are composed of eight elements:

8) The four elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.
The twelve signs of the Zodiac.
A secret "thirteenth" sign containing the other twelve within itself.
Chakras, or the body's seven energy centers.
Third eye.
Kundalini, most often described as a coiled serpent existing within the body in conjunction with the chakras.
Androgeny (i.e. two genders in one).
How does the Great Pyramid contain all this?…