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The tomb of Shuroy (Yuroy ) TT13

The tomb of Shuroy  dates from Ramesside times,  Shuroy, was "brazier carrier of Amon"His wife Our-Neferet was a chantress of Amon. We do not know anything more about them.

 The Abbott payrus dates from year sixteen of the reign of Ramesses IX, speaks of the tomb: "The pyramidal tomb of king Nebkheperra, Son of Ra, Antef It was recovered close to being penetrated by the thieves who had dug a tunnel into the tomb of the superintendent of offering of the House of Amen named Yuroy. This is the only damage. It is intact. The thieves were incapable of reaching it." (Yuroy = Shuroy).
The tomb of king Antef was finally found in 2001 by the German institute. It is located to the southwest of the one of Shuroy, from which it separated by the chapel of one named Teti

 General description 

The tomb is of average size and adopts a "T" formation. It comprises two rooms A and B. It is unfinished, and a great part of its plas…