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How the pharaohs were fed ?

Uncovering a provincial capital -in Edfu -Egypt
Egypt best-known excavations usually focus on the glittering mummies and grand monuments of the pharaohs, but for something completely different, travel up the Nile to Tell Edfu: The archaeologists digging there have uncovered ruins that shed light on the administrative and agricultural foundations of ancient Egypt riches.
The Tell Edfu site is significant because it preserves about 3,000 years' worth of history in a single mound - and because the ancient settlement served as a key link in the chain connecting Egypt's agricultural society with the lifestyles of the rich and famous.
although  monumental architecture, and settlements haven't been something that has attracted that level of interest "But they're actually really important for understanding the ancient Egyptian civilization."
As  "We don't have many of these sites left," Tell Edfu may not look as monumental as the Great Pyramids -…