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Folk Arts: Garagos pottery

Handcrafted pottery suffused with charming irregularities, translucent color and the occasional outburst of pigment emanate from a thriving assembly of folk craftsmen in Garagos, a small village 25 km North of Luxor.
The collection is flooded with an enticing blue- an original pigment that’s specific to Garagos products. Round plates, rectangular pans, miniature vases, teapots, among other pieces flaunt a charismatic, translucent blue that begs for closer inspection. At times, specks of color refreshingly disrupt the smoothness of color, drawing you in closer still.

Dating back to 1954, the craft was initiated by a duo of French Monks, at the request of the renowned architect Hassan Fathi. Frenchman Robert De Mongolfier, who owned a pottery business in his hometown, was invited to Luxor, where he introduced the new craft to Garagos.

Subdued blues, greens, and yellows glaze along the surface of a multitude of containers. The strokes of color are soft and continuous, in…