Tomb of Menna TT69 in the Valley of the Nobles Luxor Thebes

 men carrying the harvest, is another tree which fills the height of the sub-register. This marks the end of the crop area. A black goatskin hangs from one its branches. At the foot of the tree are seated two men, each on a stool, both wearing a wig and short kilt. The one on the left appears to have fallen asleep with his elbow resting on his knee. The other reclines against the tree, playing a flute. The kilt of the flute player is pleated.
The final scene has been restricted by the available space. Two men spread sheaves of wheat a threshing floor from the large piles on either side of them. The two men, each wearing only a kilt and provided with a long fork, prepare the area for threshing the harvest. They are overlooked by their supervisor, represented with quite a paunch, easily visible above his kilt. He supports himself with a long staff and has the heel of front foot raised, possibly suggesting that he is handicapped.