TT100, the tomb of REKHMIRE at Thebes -Luxor - Egypt 

a large inscription of 45 lines, damaged by numerous pieces falling off: which gives the autobiography of the Vizier
It was written in hieroglyphics from a hieratic original.

His Duties

Order of Precedence
When a person speaks to another, it must be done according to their social level (literally: when one (person) that addresses another (person) it must be (done) with every man according to his rank.

Reports about warehouses
He will report the sealing of warehouses and their opening at the right time. He will report on everything that enters into or leaves the territory of the Residence, when they come in and they go out,

Protocol for interviews with the King

Judgment of a dishonest magistrate

Do not allow any magistrate to have power over a decision (made) in his office. If a complaint happens against one of the judges who is in his office, he (the Vizier) will ensure that this leads the judge into the courtroom. It is the Vizier who must punish (him) according to his crime. Do not allow that any magistrate has power over punishment in his office. One will make a report on every judgment relating to the office he formerly occupied.

Assistants to the Vizier

The register of criminals

Consultation of documents

Arable land and cadastral land
As for any witness that the Vizier sends to him concerning any complainant, he must ensure that that person returns to him. But as for anyone who complains about the fields, it is that person who will take care of it (literally: it is up to him to entrust it)

Districts Advisors
Moreover, it is he who leads the district councilors, it is them who send to him. They will submit a report on the state of their districts. It is to him that one must bring every deed of gift, and it is he who seals them.

Arable lands and demarcation
It is he who makes the award of any terrain.

Sending assistants
It is he who sends each assistant of the royal domain who is sent to Governors and district Governors. It is he who sends out any messenger, any expedition from the royal domain.

Appointment of, and role of Officials
It is he who dictates who is a member of the (literally is in) the magistrate colleges of Upper Egypt, Lower Egypt,

Management of the army
It is he who organizes the gathering of troops, .

Interviews of officials
And he make sure that every official (literally any function) from the highest to the lowest in the Vizier's office greets his counterpart.

Management of those responsible for major works
It is he who sends (men) to cut trees according to what was announced in the royal domain. It is he who sends the members of the district council to create channels in the entire country. It is to him the Governors and district Governors send to arrange labour for plowing and harvesting. It is he who appoints the director of the police in the office of the royal domain. It is he who decides who judges Governors and district governors that come in his name from Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.

Operating reports
One will make a report about all (judicial) cases. One will do a report about the state of the fortresses of Upper Egypt and any imprisonment of someone who will flee [.] It is he who raises taxes in each district, he shall judge for them.

State owned land
It is he who sends out teams of cadastral scribes to deal with the Lord's affairs. That is what is judged about all the fields of the Nome documents must be found in his office. It is he who establishes the boundaries for each prefecture (decides) of all pastures, all divine offerings and everything of value.

Investigation and jugdment
It is for him that each public proclamation is made, it is he who listens to every complaint. [...] When a man goes to court with his fellow man.
 It is he who appoints one to be appointed to the audience hall.
 It is in the royal domain that anyone who should be questioned should come to him.
 It is he who listens to every decree. It is he who hears about the lack of any divine offering.
 It is he who collects all taxes as returned from whoever gives him.