Extraordinary scene from Karnak complex

King Ramesses II  is burning incense before
Amun-min Kamutef,
The name Kamutef ("bull of his mother") conveys that the god is both father and son and, therefore, self-created. with two phallus  the first one was made a little bit higher so they plaster it and done another one to be perfect with the harmony of his body 

Around his forehead, Min wears a red ribbon that trails to the ground, claimed by some to represent sexual energy. The symbols of Min were the white bull, a barbed arrow, and a bed of lettuce, that the Egyptians believed to be an aphrodisiac, as Egyptian lettuce was tall, straight, and released a milk-like substance when rubbed, characteristics superficially similar to the penis.I believe his phallus is on the verge of going limp; the stage after ejaculation. In some depictions of him in Karnak, there are little drops of sperm shooting from his tip. Seeing as Min is a fertility Netjer, I doubt the limp phallus has anything to do with impenitence.