Egypt Trip with a special tour to biblical places

pyramids and the sphinx day trip
Throughout history, travel was a way God led his people from where they were to a place of blessing. For the Christian, sacred sites and destinations remain as integral to faith as ever. Religious travel offers wonderful benefits. While enjoying a wonderful holiday, you will see first hand how culture, history and the heritage of your faith interact in life today. You may even discover that it supports other ministries you may be involved in, growing your faith in a personal, enriching way.

This Egypt Trip to Egypt's Famous Historical sites and Christian Heritage places present here a list of tours designed to highlight the Lands of the pharaohs , escorted by qualified Tour guide who understand your faith and will bring to life the people, places and stories that transformed the world forever.

Day 1: Arrival Cairo

Welcome to Egypt! You will be met and assisted on arrival at Cairo Airport by egyptraveluxe representative who will help you through the immigration formalities and after you will be transferred to your hotel in Giza. After your check in, there will be a brief orientation meeting` .The rest of the day is free to relax and begin exploring this fascinating city. dinner at hotel. Overnight in Cairo.  

Day 02

After breakfast, the day begins with a visit to some of the oldest structures on Earth at the Sakkara complex, where Egyptians first began building pyramids . one of the most extensive archaeological sites in Egypt. The first of the pyramids was the Step Pyramid of King Djoser, Then visit Memphis the oldest capital of Egypt where Moses confronted the Pharaoh, Memphis was founded around 3,100 BC. It was the legendary city of Menes, the King who united Upper and Lower Egypt. From a Biblical perspective, Memphis was the place where Abraham lied to Pharaoh about his wife Sarah being his sister. Further, it is believed to be the location where Joseph served as second in command. While in Memphis we view a very large and well preserved statue of Ramses II. Then continue to the Great Pyramids at Giza, including Cheops Pyramid, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world 'It is amazing to think that these Pyramids were well known to Jacob, Moses and Aaron at the time of the Exodus and were probably seen by Jesus himself Here you will also see the famous Great Sphinx, a large statue of a lion with a human head, You will have lunch during the tour`

Day 3: Sakha / Alexandria

breakfast in your hotel  . Today we will visit the quarter of Maadi to see the Church of the Holly Virgin Mary. Where the Holy Family sought refuge from persecution. On 12th March 1976, a Holy Bible was found floating in the Nile at Maadi miraculously undamaged, it was open at the chapter Isaiah 19:25 containing the phrase: `Blessed be Egypt my people?. Drive to Zeitoun, visit St.Mary?s Church where she appeared on April 1968.Leave to Matarya visit St. Mary's tree for the Family is believed to have rested in its shade. Here, too, the Infant Jesus caused water to flow from a spring, from which He drank and blessed, and in which the Virgin washed His clothes. She poured the washing water on to the ground, and from that spot, the fragrant balsam plant blossomed.

 Proceed to Mostorod (which came to be called, in those days, 'Al Mahamma') it means 'the Bathing Place', a name given to the town because the Virgin Mary bathed the Christ Child and washed his clothes. It is worthy of note that, eventually, on their way back to Palestine, the Holy Family stopped once more at Mostorod and, this time, caused a spring to gush from the earth which still flows forth to the present day. After that  drive to Sakha the Coptic name of the town, 'Pekha-Issous', (vernacularized to Lysous) means,? the foot of Jesus'; for the Holy Child's foot-print was marked, here, in bas-relief on a rock. The rock was preserved, but hidden for centuries for fear of robbery, and only unearthed again 13 years ago. Proceed to Alexandria and overnight 

Day 4: Alexandria / King Mariut
Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great in 312 B.C., and was the capital of Graeco-Roman Egypt.


 we will visit Saint Mark's Cathedral as it is the historical seat of the Pope of Alexandria, the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church since 60 AD, after we will visit St. Mina Monastery in Mariut an Egyptian young man who came from a large family, with rulers' status. He left the army to live in the desert and be filled with the blessings of the heavens. He then publicly declared his faith in Christ and was martyred for Christ's beloved name, after suffering great tribulations. drive back to Alexandria

 first stop in this historic city is the catacombs of Kom ash-Shuqqafa, a Roman burial site whose family tomb reveals the merging of Egyptian and Roman art and architecture. Descend below ground to visit the tomb and Caracalla Hall.

Back above ground, continue to Pompey's Pillar, an 82-foot (25-meter) granite column built to honor Emperor Diocletian, who freed the besieged city and brought food to its starving people. Continuing the Roman theme, the next site your guide will show you is the Roman amphitheater, possibly the best preserved Roman site in Egypt. The site also includes the remains of a Roman street and homes

After lunch (included) you will visit the famous Alexandria Library. In contrast to the ancient architecture found throughout Egypt, the Norwegian-designed building is a striking piece of modern design. A copy of every book published in the world is kept in the library, making it one of the great literary sites in the world. The library also houses several exhibitions relating to the history of Egypt and a display of rare antique books .

 Back to Hotel. Overnight in Alexandria.

Day 5: Alexandria / Wadi El Natrun / Cairo

After breakfast, leave Alexandria experience completely different scenery today as you travel back to Cairo on the desert road. We stop in Wadi el Natrun, situated in a valley dotted with oases. Visit some of the four quietly inhabited monasteries of the Coptic Monasteries of this area and learn about Coptic faith.  to the North of wadi el Natrun, visit the Monastery of el Baramous, then to the South of Wadi el Natrun Monastery St. Maccare and Middle of Wadi el Natrun the Monasteries of Anba Bishoy and el Soryane. Drive back to Cairo. Arrive to Cairo, . Check-in to our hotel. Overnight in Cairo

Day 6:

After breakfast, you will drive through modern Cairo and visit the  Egyptian museum, known for its Pharonic antiquities `we visit the Egyptian Museum for a teaching on the wonders that are in this massive place that prove the Bible to be true via hieroglyphics. The actual name of Pharaoh of the Exodus is not recorded in the Bible but it may actually be possible to see the man (mummy) that Moses spoke to during the time of the Exodus. we will uncover the mysteries of this museum - especially how it identifies the accuracy of the Bible once comparing it to the Egyptian writings in the museum. Visit Coptic Cairo and see the Hanging Church, which was built in the 4th century, and St` Sergius  church, where it is believed that the Holy Family stayed for two weeks after their flight to Egypt


Day 7:

Traveling towards Suez Canal  . Many believe that this city  was the Biblical city from which the Exodus began. Cross the Suez Canal and proceed to visit Moses Springs, from here on to Wadi Feiran. Steeped in biblical mystery, it was here, that Moses struck a rock with his staff, bringing forth a spring so his people could drink. It is said that a journey through Feiran is to pass through an entire chapter of the Old Testament (Exodus 17). Visit the Seven Girls? Monastery. We learn of the terrain and the history of this region en-route as we stop at Marah (Springs of Moses), the Wilderness of Sin, and further to the south, the Oasis of Feiran. For those who

are able, we climb a small hill to the ruins of an ancient chapel that overlooks the palm tree valley where Israel battled with the people of Amalek. One may have his picture taken with arms raised in remembrance of God's victory as Moses' arms were held high by Aaron and Hur.  Arriving in the late afternoon to the hotel at Mt. Sinai (Mt. Horeb).Continue St. Catherine for Overnight. check in at our hotel` We will need to rest up for the next day s early morning hike up Mt` Sinai` Dinner and overnight at St` Catherine`

  Day 8 Catherine / Ein Sokhna

Depart the hotel about 2AM and climb to the Moses Mountain to watch the sunrise. You may choose to ride a camel part way, stopping at one  of

the stations to take in the scenery along the climb to the summit (750 steps) for a sun

rise to remember. At the summit of Mt. Sinai there is a small chapel to the

Holy Trinity. This chapel was rebuilt in 1934 on the ruins of a 4th-5th century church. The interior

of the chapel is decorated with frescoes from the life of Moses. Breathtaking views of the Sinai wilderness lay before us and you may worship and read from the book of Genesis to remember this place where Moses met the Lord and where he received the Ten Commandments
Day 9:

breakfast at hotel in Cairo ,visit old Islamic Cairo` We will visit the Citadel, where Egypt was ruled from the 12th to the 19th centuries, and see the Muhammad Ali mosque` at the Citadel of Salah el-Din sits atop a limestone hill overlooking Cairo and is the most important mosque in the city. Still used as a place of worship today by the Muslims of Cairo, the architectural masterpiece opens its doors to visitors of all faiths. The lower part of the Mosque is clad inside and out with Alabaster, while the top part is constructed from the limestone cladding removed from the Pyramids of Giza. Inside the mosque your guide will introduce you to the basics of the beliefs of Islam, including a translation of the most common prayers. Continue to the Mosque and Madrassa (school) of Sultan Hassan. Built between 1356 and 1363, and is believed to be one of the finest examples of Mamluk architecture in Cairo. The mosque is also considered one of the largest, not only in Cairo but in the whole Islamic world, measuring some 492 feet (150 meters) long and 118 feet (36 meters) high. The highest minaret is 223 feet (68 meters) tall. Continuing to Khan el Khalili bazaar, your guide will give you an introduction to the famous markets which claim to have inspired Christopher Columbus to discover the USA. Enjoy free time to stroll through the maze of streets and try your luck bargaining with the shop owners for a souvenir of your trip to Egypt. at the end of the day You will visit Cairo's three enduring ramparts: Bab Al-Nasr (Gate of Victory), Bab Al-Futuh (Gate of Conquests) and Bab Al-Zuwayla, as well as the Street of the Tentmakers - Cairo's only remaining medieval covered market. See Al-Azhar Mosque, the Mosque of Al Hakim, Beit as-Suhaymi (traditional family mansion) and the remains of Beshtak Palace on a fascinating walking tour through Islamic Cairo

Your Cairo Photography Walking Tour ends at the Northern Gates to Islamic Cairo.

the Mosque of Al Hakim, Beit as-Suhaymi (traditional family mansion) and the remains of Beshtak Palace on a fascinating walking tour through Islamic Cairo

Day 10:
Check out from hotel at morning then transfer to Cairo Airport for your flight to luxor. Arrival to Luxor, meet & assist by egyptraveluxe representative
    Embarkation upon arrival to Luxor
    Visit the East Bank (Karnak and Luxor Temple)
      Overnight in Luxor with opportunity to disembark or optional Sound and Light Show at Karnak (additional cost)
Day 11
Possibility of optional Hot Air Ballooning over the West Bank (additional cost)
    Visit the West Bank (Valley of the Kings, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon)
     sail to Esna and Edfu
    Overnight in Edfu

Day 12

    Breakfast on board
    Visit Horus Temple in Edfu
    Sail to Kom Ombo and visit of Kom Ombo Temple
    Overnight in Aswan (late night arrival)

Day 13

tour to Abu Simbel
Afternoon Felucca tour around Islands of Aswan 

Overnight in Aswan with opportunity to disembark or optional Sound and Light Show at Philae Temple (additional optional tour to the sound & light show
overnight in Cairo hotel)