Easter offer : 1night Wheals Valley trip from Cairo

Easter offer : 1night Wheals Valley trip from Cairo ....130 USD per person
Beyond the Nile Valley there is still much to see. On this comprehensive trip to Egypt we travel through the heart of the Western Desert, a vast, isolated expanse covering a total of some 2.8 million square kilometres, visiting the various Oasis towns on our route. We explore this untamed wilderness in the company of our Bedouin companions, enjoying a memorable insight into their traditions and experiencing their amazing hospitality.
Day 1 )
We will pick you up in Cairo and depending on where you are staying in Cairo, give you different route options to arrive at the beautiful oasis of the Fayoum. We will enter this beautiful oasis via either A: the modern city of Crocodopolis, so-named by the ancient Greeks because of the over-abundance of crocodiles or B: the ancient Graeco-Roman city of Karanis in Kom Ashiem. After our visit we will continue our sojourn to the Wadi Rayyan to enjoy our lunch next to a refreshing lake and waterfall.
Afterwards, we will venture further into the area to the spectacular outdoor dinosaurs museum. This fascinating place filled with 35 million year old dinosaur bones takes at least 2-3 hours to walk through. The landscape is starkly beautiful and as you rarely see another person here, you can enjoy the silence and get a chance to really visualize the ancient lake that used to contain these 35 million year old creatures. Then spend the night in the desert in the Wadi Hittan, surrounded by the jagged cliffs and sleep under a blanket of brilliant stars. Little foxes here love shoes so be sure to keep them close to you when you sleep

Day 2)

For those who camped in the Wadi Hittan under the stars, next to the dinosaurs, you will be free to explore more in the morning. After breakfast drive back to Cairo.
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