Raherakhet 7 days 6 nights Price start from 565 Euro

Raherakhet 7 days 6 nights Price start from 565 Eu
Raherakhet (The trip itinerary)
Raherakhet 7 days 6 nights
Today we arrive in lux, or thebes, one of the oldest cities on earth. Upon Arrival lux international airport, You'll be met by egyptraveluxe professional representative assisting you in Visa arrangement, Porterage at airport, transferring to your Hotel. A welcome drink awaits you at your hotel; we guarantee your check in during one minute by our qualified assistant. Overnight hotel .

Visit the East bank on horse carriage: start with Karnak Temple .the biggest& the oldest.it dates back to 2050 bc over 4000 years old.it is not a single temple but a complex ,temple within temple ,shrine within shrine ,chapel within a chapel, the temple together with its outlying buildings is a bluebrint of a power ,glory of a golden period & mine of historical information stating all the history of Egypt from 2050 till the death of cleopatra the 7th when she committed suicide by clasping the asp to her breast.continue your tour on a horse &buggy to Luxor temple to see the avenue connecting both temples together .the temple is smaller than karnak but compact ,famause for its big staue of ramsis 2 by the facade & the two obelisks in front of the pylon but unfortunately one is standing still while the second one in place de concord (paris_france) .after a short drive we will visit luxor museum The Luxor Museum is surprisingly entertaining. Displays of pottery, jewelry, furniture, statues and stelae were created by the Brooklyn Museum of New York. They include a carefully selected assortment of items from the Theban temples and necropolis. There is a number of exhibits from Tutankhamun, including a cow-goddess head from his tomb on the first floor and his funerary boats on the second floor. However, some of the real attractions include a statue of Tuthmosis III (circa 1436 BC) on the first floor, and 283 sandstone blocks arranged as a wall from the ninth pylon of the Karnak Temple.

In the very early morning when the sun rises up ,we will visit the west bank starting with a detailed visit to the valley of the kings the burial place of the pharaohs of the new kingdom ( a period of more than five hundred years)the place where the mummies of hatschepsut , ramsis 2 .tuthmosis3 . tut & others had been found there . tombs would have been white washed & painted in brightful colors that remained untouched giving you the impression that they were done few days before. these tombs gave us an insight of the beliefs of the egyptian & their concern of the life after their death ,we will also visit the temple of queen Hatshepsut our lady _pharaoh for over 20 years,this temple is unique&completely different in style & design from the other temples all over egypt.on our way back we will stop few minutes to take quick shot of the two colossi of memnon which stood once by the entrance of a big temple of king amenophis3 the father of akhnaton the only king who call for the sole god ., back to the Hotel rest for the after noon .in the eveninig you will be picked up from your hotel to enjoy the sound &light show by karnak temple(every night an enchanting & moving son et lumiere presentation follow in the in the foot steps of the shadows of the gods as each part of the temple is dramatically lit around you . The final illumination of the temple is mirrored in the stillness of the sacred lake)

Another west bank tour to visit the nobles tombs , - the artisans tombs - the Habu temple& the ramseum temple :: start your tour by visiting the west bank, the valley of the Nobles, the tombs of the great dignitaries from the middle and the new kingdom dynasties, there main characteristics are extreme architectural simplicity compared to the royal tombs and a choice of iconography notable for it’s freshness and vitality, the Nobles tombs provide us with valuable information about the daily life during the new kingdom agriculture hunting and fishing scenes, palatial festivals musicians and dancers maids and servants craftsman and artisans as well as the court life in ancient Egypt such as the offices and functions of various dignitaries, you will be visiting 2 tombs, the most famous are Menna’s tomb who was described as the scribe of the land register of the master of the upper and lower Egypt, utilized a preexisting tomb and enlarged it, the decoration depicts scenes as the work in the field the pilgrimage to Abydos, scenes for the sons and daughters of Menna, the tomb is considered among the most elegant, also you will visit Nakht’s tomb he was the scribe and astronomer of Amon in the era of Tutmose the 4th while his wife was the singer of Amon scenes in the tomb shows the growing of wheat, the harvest, hunting and fishing, continue your tour visiting Habu temple the mortuary of Ramses the 3rd one of the world’s largest monuments, is the second in importance and size to Karnak temple, a stone quarry used to occupy the site during the Christian era later excavations uncovered the remains of the Pharaoh palace the present complex consists of 4 temples, a fortress gateway in the style of Syrian architecture, wall relief depict the king doing battle with his enemies, we also see the great Pharaoh in paradise wearing the unadorned clothes of a simple farm worker he ploughs his land performing without fatigue one of the necessary duties of the deceased in order that he may be granted eternal life by the gods, continue your tour to visit the valley of the artisans that used to be village and necropolis of all the workmen who built and decorated the royal tombs in Thebes, it is the only place in Egypt where you can see normal Egyptian ancient houses from the Pharaoh’s period, the village was built in the west bank and kept as a secret no one from the workers was allowed to leave his village in his life so the great secret of the place of the royal tombs wouldn’t be released, the tombs of the Artisans is among the best tombs in Thebes not in it’s size but for the quality of the painting material and the accuracy it was painted with, as the workmen kept the best quality painting material for themselves and for sure did there best in painting their own tombs, you will be visiting 2 tombs as tomb of Sennedjin an official at the time of 19th dynasty, his title was servant in the square of truth, the painting is so alive and fresh, on one of the walls Sennedjin painted himself accompanied by his wife worshiping the gods in the after life, at the head of all gods is Osiris with his green skin that symbolize the renewal of life at springtime. Continue your tour to the Ramesseum temple built by Ramses the 2nd, Diodorus of Sicily himself was amazed at the complexity and architectonic grandeur of the monument unfortunately today only few ruins remain the decoration of the temple shows the exploits of the Pharaoh who stopped the Hittite advance there are also scenes depicting the festival held in the summer to honor Min the prehistoric god of fertility in whose honor the Pharaoh sacrifice a white bull, back to your hotel. ( By the afternoon cruise the Nile on a traditional sailing boat felucca enjoy the sunset .

Relax for the morning ,by the After noon set the taste of modems Egyptian entertainment enjoy an open buffet dinner with folkloric dance show.

One Day cruise to dendera Temple : Live your dream and join a cruise sailing to Dandara, enjoying the peaceful river and viewing the farming villages along the river banks. Arrive at Dandara, visit Temple of Hathor, goddess of love and joy.you will join us on a voyage through time to the temple of goddess hathor at denderah .watch as scenes of local Egyptian life pass you by as you lounge on the sun deck or cool off in the plunge pool .one of our Egyptologist will accompany & guide through & up onto the roof of this unique temple .on the way back to luxor lunch & tea will be served

Leave Luxor .After Breakfast, egyptraveluxe representative will transfer you to luxor Airport and assist you for final departure. (Breakfast)

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