The tomb of king Sethi The First KV17

The funerary equipment was still inside the tomb when Belzoni entered it. Of course, the precious metals and stones were soon pocketed, but many other things, like the wooden furniture and other objects which didn’t catch his eye, were left inside the tomb. As the wood was corroded and the other items were unlikely to fetch a good price, Belzoni took little interest in them.

Little funerary equipment was found within this tomb. Besides the anthropoid sarcophagus, other finds included:
  • The carcass of a bull embalmed by asphaltum
  • A large number of small figures of shabtis in wood and faience
  • A number of wooden statues
  • A painting brush along with paint pot or jar found at the entrance to the tomb
  • a number of broken jars
  • A corner fragment of the king's canopic chest
Other pieces from the tomb have been found widely scattered throughout the Valley of the Kings.