TT31, the tomb of Khonsu , also called To (or Ta) .in the valley of the nobles -luxor -thebes

the welcome by priests
Four priests are shown  dedicating offerings. The four sub-scenes are almost identical: only a bovine carcass at the feet of the first (left) breaks the monotony. It should also be noted that a dead ox is placed above the bows of the boats below, due to a lack of space. Each priest has a shaven skull and wears a panther skin over an original yellow tunic punctuated of red spots, which in turn covers a white tunic (or a loincloth). A red scarf is attached in the back, and a kind of pouch hangs from the belt . Each makes a fumigation of incense with the left hand and pours water from a vase in the shape of ankh cross with the right hand. The offerings are stacked on three pedestals whose feet are decorated with a garland of flowers. At the foot of the first three tables, a large lotisform chalice contains other foodstuffs (absent from the fourth, where the pile of offerings is smaller).
The four men hold positions appropriate to the funerary cult of a Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty. The first is "The funerary priest of Aakheperure (= Amenhotep II), Neferhotep, justified". He is, without possible dispute, the biological father of Khonsu. The next two are designated as "His son, the funerary priest of Aakheperkare (Thutmosis I), Nay, justified" and "His son, the funerary priest of Thutmosis I, Iuy, justified". The last is "His son, the lector (priest) of Amenhotep II, Montuhotep"